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Strategic Planning is the cornerstone of PROS Consulting LLC. Our experience demonstrates that organizations get bogged down in the day-to-day operations and have limited ability or resources to think and plan strategically. We have helped hundreds of agencies move away from thinking about tactics to thinking about strategies. The PROS approach towards strategic planning involves two key components: the Development side and the Deployment side. Too often, organizations successful develop their strategic side only to fail due to poor execution. PROS believes that Strategy Deployment is an equally critical, if not more critical piece of the process.

We apply our knowledge of various processes including PROS Community Values ModelTm, Strategy Matrix, Balanced Scorecard, and traditional business planning methods to help organizations achieve the following:

  • Establish a clear vision, mission and goals
  • Aligning community needs with strategic action
  • Communicate and educate staff on how to create a more strategy-focused organization
  • Greater functional transparency
  • Institutionalizing change within the organization
  • Consensus building with varied stakeholder groups
  • Create accountability by instituting performance measures
  • Develop successful iterations of strategy