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 / Operations and Organizational Development
Operations and Organizational Development focuses on the people, processes, and systems that ensure the day-to-day success of an organization. The PROS team consists of seasoned practitioners who understand the complexities of operating a diverse organization while interfacing with multiple stakeholders. Using a variety of industry best practices (the Malcolm-Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence / NRPA Accreditation Guidelines) and our proprietary models (the PROS organizational framework and design and the PROS staffing model),

  • Eliminate silos and create more efficiencies
  • Proactively position the organization to seamlessly undertake a change management process
  • Develop and enhance the organizational culture
  • Build a better leadership infrastructure
  • Build synergies / greater teamwork and cross functional strength
  • Nurture and train staff to become successful leaders within the organization
  • Assess optimum staffing levels to maximize productivity and eliminate waste
  • Help to become best-in-class
  • Meet and exceed the expectations of the elected leadership and the community

Sample Functional Organizational Structure