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The Needs Assessment process is one of the pre-cursors of doing a Master Plan or a Strategic Plan. We will perform a comprehensive parks, facilities and program needs assessment that helps identify importance and unmet needs for a variety of facilities / amenities and programs.

The program assessment is performed using the PROS Program Positioning Model, or 3PM, which includes significant input from staff in the development of recommendations. 3PM includes a template of information that determines core programs, similar provider reviews, analysis of customer feedback mechanisms and more. Ultimately, the outcome of the process will be the creation of a dynamic recreation program plan that results in increased registration, drives customer retention and loyalty, improves customer satisfaction, and increases revenues. Additionally, it will help focus staff efforts in core program areas and create excellence in those programs deemed most important by program participants.

The facility assessment is driven by a comprehensive set of guidelines and operating parameters as tabled in the PROS facility assessment checklist. This helps assess a park or a recreation facility under the purview of a wide variety of guidelines that include, access, signage and way finding, maintenance lifecycles, technology offerings, amenity types and quality of offerings, safety and security measures, sustainable practices and staffing.

All the findings from the community input and survey, market analysis and trends, and program and facility assessment are then utilized to create a prioritized set of program and facility rankings that help guide the decision making process for future services and offerings.