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The PROS philosophy is that market needs define programs that drive facility design. The PROS approach to master planning is to enter with an open mind and to let the process drive the outcomes. The emphasis is on building a dynamic tool that is objective and defensible and can lay the groundwork for a future bond referendum, grant programs or donations. Equally important, it provides an opportunity to ensure that the current service offerings adequately serve the community needs and to proactively position the agency for future development.

In order to do this, we undertake a wide gamut of services that include:

  • Extensive community input (including focus groups, public forums, key leader interviews and statistically valid community-wide survey)
  • Needs assessments (Identifying facility and program priorities)
  • PROS Program Positioning Model
  • PROS Capacity-Demand Standards Model
  • PROS Facility Utilization Model
  • Facility Assessments, Classifications and Standards
  • Demographics and trends analysis
  • Equity mapping and service area gaps analysis
  • Operational standards and budget development
  • Capital improvement planning and cost estimates
In the last 10 years, PROS has planned more than $1.9 billion in park and recreation infrastructure that has been or is in the process of being constructed.