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 / Feasibility Studies and Business Planning
PROS is routinely asked to undertake feasibility studies and business planning for a wide variety of areas from multigenerational recreation centers to aquatic facilities, mixed use developments and sports complexes. PROS undertakes a comprehensive market research and analysis to evaluate the existing conditions and future prospects for the proposed venture. The PROS team brings to the table several years of experience in planning, developing and operating a wide variety of facilities nationwide. These resources are invaluable when it comes to assisting a client in identifying the right opportunities in the marketplace and ensuring the long-term operational and financial success of a project.

Most importantly, since the PROS team does not have a stake in the architectural design and planning of the project, we are able to ensure absolute objectivity, transparency and the client’s best interests as we evaluate the viability of any project.

Typically, a feasibility study is conducted before the business plan. A business plan is prepared only after the business venture has been deemed to be feasible. If a proposed business venture is considered to be feasible, then a business plan is constructed to provide a “roadmap” of how the business will be created and developed. The business plan provides the “blueャprint” for project implementation. If the venture is deemed not to be feasible, efforts may be made to correct its deficiencies, other alternatives may be explored, or the idea is dropped.