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Executive Coaching is a service providing just in time enhancements to an agency's leadership development program. Considering the significant investment in labor resources toward senior leadership positions, the development of leaders is of critical importance for organizational success. Coaching usually involves a one on one relationship between the client and PROS staff member. This can be done through a combination of onsite and remote meetings.

Leon Younger and Barbara Heller are the primary coaches for this service. Clients include those interested in improving their overall leadership skills or developing other leaders' skills throughout an agency. Coaching is particularly successful for succession management. In addition, coaching is valuable during challenging times, such as political pressure, a controversial issue involving the public, issues of staff morale, or skill development to improve a particular leader's performance.

Beyond Executive Coaching, this area of PROS expertise also includes board/city council workshops, board/staff relationships, and facilitation of specific staff training sessions in a variety of topic areas. All of these are custom designed for your organization's needs.

  • Leadership development through a three month executive coaching process
  • Leadership assessments
  • Identification of core competencies for employee growth and development
  • Facilitation of elected official workshops
  • Staff training workshops